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Match Recap: Eagles Soar over the Laramie Lumberjacks

18 March, 2017 (Highlands Ranch, CO)

Laramie Lumberjacks  26 – Littleton Eagles 66

The team traveled to Colorado to face the other undefeated team in USA rugby Division 4 men rugby, Littleton Eagles. The Lumberjacks had to play without previous starters Levi Donaldson, Royce Fertig, Sam Joseph, Zach Watson, Justin Schaeffer, and Derek Eggerman. These players didn’t play because an injury, relocation for jobs, and a work scheduling conflict.

The match took place at Shea Stadium on a bright 80 degree day. The Eagles jumped out to a 7-0 lead to start the match. Littleton’s fast recycling of the ball kept the Lumberjacks on their heels. After some good defense Laramie gained possession of the ball, Lumberjacks inside center (12)- Isaiah Smith  was able to break the gain line and send the ball wide left to Wing (11) – Bobby Watkins  for the breakaway try. Conversion by Fly Half (10)  – Derek Ogren. Evening the score to 7-7.

The Eagles were able to bounce back from the Lumberjacks score and moved the ball down the pitch. Where Eagles Fly Half (10) – Nick Prudhomme capitalized on a Lumberjacks penalty and choose to kick for points. Eagles 10 – 7 Lumberjacks. A missed tackle let the Eagles outside center break the gain line for the go ahead try, 17-7. The Lumberjacks weren’t  splintered by the Eagles quick score. Scrumhalf (9)- Alex Knowles kicked short of touch and wing (14) – Cody Jerabek came blazing down the pitch to catch the ball. Jerabek was tackled and the Lumberjacks quickly moved the ball to the left and Smith (12) was high tackled by an Eagles player.

Referee Brendon Kozman assessed the high tackle and issued a warning and penalty kick. The lumberjacks won their line-out and the ball was passed to Ogren (10) where he was tackled, but not released by an Eagles player. The referee issued a penalty and Prop (3) – Evan Cox five meters out from the try line. Took the quick tap with the ball and barreled into the try zone to end the half. Lumberjacks 14 – 17 Eagles.

The lumberjacks didn’t fair to well in the second half. Their defense fell apart, they weren’t spreading the field, and their fitness wasn’t the best to start their first match of USA rugby D4 Men rugby spring season. The Laramie Lumberjacks would only put two more tries across the try-line by Watkins (11) and outside center (13) – Stephan Roaque. Conversion by Knowles (9).   Final score Eagles 66 – 26 Lumberjacks.

The Laramie Lumberjacks next match is vs. the Denver Harlequins D4. Saturday, March 25th in Denver at Jacobs Park (7200 E Mississippi Ave Denver, CO 80224 USA) Kick-off at 1:30pm.

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