Laramie Lumberjacks Bylaws 

Article 1: Laramie Rugby Club
The name of the organization is the Laramie Lumberjacks Rugby Club (Club), and it is located in Laramie, county of Albany, and the state of Wyoming.

Article 2: Purpose and Objective
Section 1:    The Club is to be operated as a non-profit organization of public benefit.
Section 2:    The purposes of the Club shall be:

  1. To be ambassadors to the sport of rugby for athletes located within the city of Laramie, and surrounding cities that may or may not have a rugby club.
  2. To promote a positive learning environment for athletes interested in participating in the sport of rugby, and encourage participation by all athletes interested in learning about the sport of rugby.
  3. To participate in competitive matches with teams within the region, and play in a professional and safe manner.

Article 3:  History
Section 1:     Founded in 2016 by members of Laramie, Wyoming that are enthusiasts of the sport of rugby.

Article 4:  Affiliation
Section 1:     The Club will be an affiliate of USA Rugby and any of their local or regional associations.

Article 5:  Membership
Section 1:     Classes of Members. Membership in the Club is open to anyone regardless of gender, race, or religious affiliation. A member in good standing is any person who has paid club dues and is CIPP registered with the USARFU. There are three recognized classes of memberships for the Club.

  1. Active Members. Current on annual dues of $200, section dues, and regularly participate in meetings of the organization. Active members are up to date on CIPP, and are capable of playing in matches and participating in practice.
  2. Social Members. Pay annual dues of $150 to the club, but are not actively registered to be a player, and have not kept up to date on their CIPP.
  3. Lifetime Members. Able to play in all matches, practices, and participate in all social functions. Lifetime members must be elected by a 51% vote by the Board of Directors, will have shown significant contributions to the Club, and have been an active or social member for a minimum of 15 years. Lifetime members must be nominated by another club member for eligibility, and they will not pay annual dues.

Section 2:     Termination of Membership.

  1. A majority vote by the Board of Directors may suspend or expel a member, through proper cause, after undergoing a hearing.
  2. Through a majority vote, by the Board of Directors, a membership may be terminated through any act that is deemed as detrimental to the Club
  3. A membership may be suspended or expelled after a majority vote by the Board of Directors for any member that is not current on registration and annual dues.

Section 3:     Reinstatement of Membership.

  1. Upon written request signed by a former Member and filed with the Secretary, the Board of Directors may, by a Majority Vote, reinstate a former Member to Membership upon such terms as the Board of Directors may deem appropriate.

Article 6:   Board of Directors
Section 1:     General Power and Authority

  1. The business and affairs of the corporation shall be managed by a Board of Directors. The Board shall be primarily responsible for formulating the policies and direction of the Club. They shall incorporate those policies into resolutions which shall be passed by a majority of the Board's members. Any resolution which alters the make-up of the Board, or fundamentally changes a provision of the By-Laws shall be submitted to the entire membership for a vote.
  2. The Board of Directors will have the power to administer any major spending of the club’s funds as it sees fit. Any amount, up to the yearly interest, earned from the Clubs funds can be spent with approval from the Board of Directors. If a major spending, such as buying a field should become necessary this shall be placed before the entire membership for a vote to cut into the principal. The executive committee will administer the day to day expenses of the club. The Board of directors has the right to manage money upon request from the executive committee or upon their own initiative.

Section 2:     Number and Tenure

  1. The number of directors will be 5 (5).
  2. They will serve a 3-year term unless a majority vote by other members on the Board overthrows one of the members. In which case, a majority vote by all voting members of the club shall be needed to seat a new member.

Section 3:      Removal

  1. Any Board member may be removed from Office whenever, based on sound judgement and reasonable proof of evidence, it serves the best interest of the Club. A three-fifths majority of the Board is necessary to remove an incumbent member.

Section 4:      Vacancies

  1. Any vacancy occurring in the Board of Directors shall be filled by appointment by the President, or if the president is already an acting Board Member, then the next acting officer that is not active on the Board of Directors. The remaining members of the Board shall then ratify the appointment by a majority vote, if no ratification is possible, then a special election will be held to complete the expired term.

Article 7:   Officers
Section 1:      Officers.

  1. The Club shall recognize and vote for the following officers:
    1. President
    2. Vice-President-fundraising
    3. Vice-President-Match Organization
    4. Secretary
    5. Treasurer
    6. Team Captains

Section 2:      Roles of Officers

  1. President-
    1. Responsible for the overall management and leadership of the Club
    2. Sets goals and directions for the Club
    3. Attend rugby union meetings to represent and vote on behalf of the Club
    4. Assist the vice president with coordination of Club business
    5. Preside over meetings in the organization, but only votes when needed to break a tie
    6. Appoint staff to assist in such areas as deemed necessary for the proper orientation of the club including, but not limited to: facility maintenance, web site maintenance, club equipment, major event planning, annual banquets, tours and tournaments, and community involvement.
  2. Vice President-match organization
    1. Coordinate Club efforts with VP-fundraising to continually recruit new players
    2. Contact referees within 72 hours of match if the match is to be played at home
    3. Coordinate with the opposing team regarding start time and date within 72 hours of start date of the match
    4. Organize the social following the match if the match is played at home, and coordinate with treasurer to fund the food and beverages at social
  3. Vice President – fundraising
    1. Coordinate Club efforts with VP-match organization to continually recruit new players
    2. Define yearly fundraising goals, and lead the fundraising committee to acquire funds and sponsorship
    3. Assume the role of Club President in the event of the president’s absence or succeed the president in event of a resignation
    4. Regularly organize fundraising events by coordinating with the fundraising committee, president, and members of the Club
    5. Coordinate with the treasurer every year to establish annual fundraising goals needed to sustain the Club
    6. Has the power to appoint assistants
  4. Treasurer-
    1. Prepare a budget for the operation of the Club including all sections and committees.
    2. Maintain an accurate record of income, expenditures, and performance of budget to be presented at any organization meetings, officer meetings, or Board of Directors meetings.
    3. Cannot spend more than $50 without approval of a majority vote within the executive committee.
    4. The Treasurer is responsible for collecting dues (Club and CIPP) and paying the Club’s bills, handling CIPP forms and maintaining the CIPP list, and filing the yearly incorporation and income tax report with the IRS. Has input on selection of players (dues and CIPP paid).
    5. Pay all invoices in a timely manner
  5. Secretary –
    1. Call the Annual General Meeting and coordinate the election of officers, and other issues that may arise which require a membership vote.
    2. Prepare meeting minutes for the Annual General Meeting, and any other meetings that may be necessary for the Club.
    3. Maintain possession of all documents, forms, and other paperwork required of the Club.
    4. Maintain accurate roster of the club to include accurate contact information for the members, current and past.
    5. Communicate the club information to members
  6. Team Captain-
    1. Organizes practice times with the president
    2. Coordinates with strength and conditioning coach to condition the team
    3. Deals with referees and other assistant captains
    4. Has the ability to direct further conditioning for members reflecting poor sportsmanship while at practice

Section 3:     Term of Officers

  1. Elections shall take place every year at the Annual General Meeting which is to be called by the secretary between November 1st and December 31st each year. All officers are voted into position by a majority vote of all voting members associated with the Club.
  2. Every officer position will serve a one-year term, but any member can run for office as many times as desired.
  3. No person shall hold more than one officer spot at a time.
  4. Any officer is subject to immediate removal of office, by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, if found doing anything that could be deemed unlawful or detrimental to the Club.

Section 4:     Other elected positions

  1. A captain of the backs and captain of the forwards will be elected once a year by all voting members of their respective teams. One of these two captains will be elected by majority vote of all voting members within their respective teams

Article 8:  Committees
Section 1:     The Club will recognize four committees:

  1. Executive Committee – consists of all officers of the club.
  2. Funds Committee – Chaired by the vice president of fundraising.
  3. Match Committee – Chaired by the vice president-match secretary.
  4. Player Development Committee – Chaired by the president.

Article 9:   Duties of Committees
Section 1:    Executive Committee

  1. This committee shall make recommendations concerning organization policies, performance, and planning. They will review all statements of the financial condition of the Club prepared by the treasurer, auditor or other source, to assure the financial stability of the Club.

Section 2:    Match Committee

  1. Works directly with the president and Team Captain to prepare the pitch for matches, organize matches with other teams, and organize travel requirements for the team.

Section 3:    Fund Development Committee

  1. This committee, co-chaired by the Vice-President, and treasurer - is responsible for developing a year-round funding plan for the Club, based on the annual budget that is approved at the December AGM. It should also include 1 or 2 other special, fundraising events that also increase community awareness about the Club and the sport of rugby. Various sponsorship levels should be set, along with the benefits to the company or individual. Several potential sponsors should be identified and approached.
    1. This committee should consist of 4-6 persons and meet at least 4 times a year. Committees for specific fund-raising events will be a subset of this committee and will meet as needed.

Section 4:     Player Development Committee

  1. This committee, chaired by the Vice-President - is responsible for recruiting and developing players to their fullest potential and making sure that all positions are filled with adequately skilled players. This involves creating and maintaining a recruiting plan based on the Club’s needs, improving the performance of newly recruited players by way of providing coaching material to them when they first come out to practice and assigning someone to work with them on basic skills before and/or after practices.
    1. This committee should consist of the coaching staff and 4-6 additional persons, and meet at least 4 times a year. Committees for specific recruiting events will be a subset of this committee and will meet as needed.

Article 10:  Elections, Annual General Meeting, and Special Meetings
Section 1:      Annual General Meeting

  1. Will take place annually between the 1st of November, and 31st of December. A notification of 30 days must be given to all voting members by the Club Secretary.
  2. Must be held in a location adequately sized to house all voting members of the Club.

Section 2:      Elections

  1. Elections for officers will be held at the Annual General Meeting
  2. Votes will be cast by secret ballot unless unanimously agreed otherwise by voting members that voice acclimation is acceptable.
  3. The standing Secretary will be responsible for tallying all votes and announcing the results. The position of Secretary, will be tallied and announced by the standing Vice President.

Section 3:      Special General Meetings

  1. Special general meetings may be called by the President or by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.
  2. May be called to handle unexpected election issues, or on other matters that will require a majority vote by voting members.

Article 11:  Dues and Match Fees
Section 1:       The Club shall have the power to levy dues for members, as well as match fees. The amounts of the dues and match fees shall be determined by a majority vote of the members present at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
Article 12:   Bylaws and Amendments
Section 1:        Bylaws

  1. Bylaws consistent with this constitution shall be adopted or amended by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. Votes on bylaws may be taken only if at least 50% of the Executive Committee is present.

Section 2:    Amendments

  1. Amendments of this constitution may be initiated by the Executive Committee, or upon petition to the Executive Committee by at least 33% of the voting members of the Club. Proposed amendments shall be submitted to the executive committee at least 40 days prior to the Annual General Meeting at which time it will be voted on. Notice of the proposed amendment including the actual wording of the amendment must be made available to the club membership at least two weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting at which time it will be decided upon.
  2. The constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast by voting members of the Club at the Annual General Meeting.